A Warm Welcome to Lent Term

The Maitland Robinson Library has suddenly become filled with individuals busily revising, researching and working, the dining hall has gradually increased with the happy chatter of returning students and the Christmas decorations in the MCR Common Room have (after slight delay) been taken down. These can only signal one thing: Lent Term has well and truly arrived.

The New Year has brought with it a new term, new opportunities and a new MCR committee taking up their roles to ensure that the MCR continues to thrive within Downing College. Already those elected are jumping into their roles: planning social events, attending college meetings and (most importantly) making sure the MCR Common Room is stocked with tea and coffee (everyone needs that 3pm caffeine fix, right?).


Downing College in bloom, even in Winter.

Indeed, there is a great deal for MCR members to look forward and to relax/distract from the stresses and challenges of academic work. From college swaps and paintballing excursions, to midway dinner and parent formal – not forgetting our regular events such as Tea and Cake Sundays, Friday Night Formals and Bar Evenings.

Within the next fortnight, there are two very exciting events coming up: Burns Night and the first of our termly Seminar Evenings. Burns Night, where we celebrate the life and works of Scottish Poet Robert Burns, looks set to be a highlight of January. With a three-course formal meal, poetry readings, haggis, a live band and a ceilidh, it will certainly be a night to remember. A few days following this event, the MCR will host the termly MCR/SCR Seminar Night. This event involves three members from either the MCR or SCR giving short talks about their work and is followed by a free hot buffet dinner and drinks afterwards. What a great way to start the term!

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