Manifestos 2019

Voting for the 2019-2020 Downing MCR Committee can be performed at the following link.

Manifestos can be found below. Please only vote in the election of officers which represent communities to which you identify as belonging, for example only submit a vote in the International Officer election f you identify as a member of this community. This is designed such that the elected officers re those candidates who best represent the interests of those they are elected to represent. Each role election will also include the opportunity to give your vote to RON (Re-Open Nominations – if you feel that none of the candidates standing for election are suitable for the role, then you may select this option. 

Voting opens at 08:00 on Wednesday 4th December and will close at 18:00 on Thursday 5th December. The new committee will be formally announced at the drinks reception at the SCR, prior to the MCR Christmas formal, as in tradition.

Voting is open to all Downing MCR graduates, but not to affiliate members (i.e. fourth-year undergraduates and postdoctoral affiliates). If you believe you should be able to vote but cannot, please contact the MCR President or Vice-President in the first instance. Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.


2019-2020 Downing MCR Committee / Candidate Manifestos: 




Liaison Officer

Social Secretary (x3)

Welfare & Education Officer (x3)

Equal Opportunities Officer

BME Officer

Women’s Officer

Environmental Officer

International Officer

Bar Secretary

Bar and Amenities Officer (x2)

Sports and Games Officer

Communications Officer

  • Laura Ryan

LGBTQ+ Officer


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