Downing College MCR is the group of Graduate (also known as Postgraduate) and affiliated student members of the College. As a Downing College Graduate student, following any of the Postgraduate courses offered by the University, you automatically become a member of the MCR. Slightly confusingly, the MCR room (see below) is also referred to as ‘the MCR’. You are welcome to use any of the MCR facilities and to attend functions arranged by the MCR committee. As well as being a member of the MCR, you are also a member of the Downing College Amalgamation Club (DCAC), made up of all of the student members of the college.

MCR Committee…

The MCR committee, a body representing the College’s graduate students, is mostly made up of PhD students. Elected by the College’s some 200 graduates, the committee have a term in office from January to the end of December. The role of the committee has many aspects: to represent all graduates within the governing mechanisms of the College, giving grad input in such matters as housing and rents; to help grads with every aspect of their lives in Downing; to arrange social and sporting events such as Balls and cricket matches. You can read information about theĀ current committee and find minutes from past committee meetings on this site.

MCR Room…

Image-6The MCR room is the ‘Treherne Room’, although nobody calls it that. This is the Graduate common room, on the ground floor of ‘S’ staircase. It is always open to Graduates during the term and vacations, so long as you have a key (obtained from the Porters).

The MCR serves as a meeting place for Graduates in College. It is also where you can sign up for social events organised by the MCR and the Graduate Cultural Society. The MCR has a TV and video with Sky Digital channels, a free pool table, comfy sofas and chairs. It receives the Independent, The Times and the Mirror newspapers, which can be picked up from the MCR pigeon-hole in the Porters’ Lodge every morning. We also have a variety of board games (including Jenga, chess, draughts, Twister, cards, Snatch and Trivial Pursuit), which are free to use. There is also a little kitchenette with a microwave, fridge, kettle and sink. There’s a bar, but not usually any beer – the College bar is found behind the library.

Image-7The notice boards contain various information regarding accommodation, guest lectures going on in the University, new information about funding, recruitment, vacation and teaching opportunities, as well as leaflets about forthcoming plays and other city- and University-wide events. Also available are recent numbers of The Reporter (the University’s official journal).