PostDoc Affiliation


Post-doctoral workers are nominally affiliated to their department, and are not usually members of a college. However, Downing College MCR offers membership of the MCR to selected postdocs. If you’re a post-doc and feel that, through membership of our MCR, you would benefit from the facilities and social network the college has to offer as well as bringing something to the already thriving community, then Downing is the place for you!

Membership Conditions and Benefits

1. Downing College will offer membership of the Middle Common Room (MCR) to selected PostDoctoral workers attached to the University of Cambridge who are not already members of other Cambridge Colleges.

2. Not more than twenty five Post-Doctoral workers at any given time will be made members of the MCR.

3. Not more than five Post-Doctoral workers from any one department may be members of the MCR at any given time.

4. Post-Doctoral members of the MCR shall have been awarded their PhD within the previous 10 years.

5. No Post-Doctoral worker shall be eligible for election onto the MCR Executive, nor are they eligible to vote in either MCR or DCAC meetings.

6. Membership of the MCR shall be terminated when the Post-Doctoral worker’s appointment in the University of Cambridge ends.

7. The privileges of Post-Doctoral workers made members of the MCR shall be as follows: (a) Use of the Middle Common Room. (b) Use of the College Library. (c) Use of College sports facilities on the domus. These include two tennis courts and a multigym (normal fees apply). (d) Use of College sports facilities off domus (eg river facilities). (e) Invitations to special MCR dinners (at guest rate) and all other MCR events. (f) The right to dine in Hall (not at High Table) at own expense at the rate applicable to guests (gowns must be worn). (g) The use of the Post-Doc/Affiliate pigeon hole in the Downing Porters’ Lodge for the delivery of mail.

8. Those Post-Doctoral workers who have been made members of the Downing MCR may, on the termination of their membership, request to receive selected mailings from the Development Office to maintain their contact with the College (please contact if this is the case).

9. Individual Post-Doctoral workers who have been made members of the MCR may be offered such further privileges as the General Purposes Committee shall determine.

10. The cost to Post-Doctoral workers of membership of the MCR and of the other privileges set out under (7) above shall be a payment of £168 for the academic year 2017/18.  A pro rata fee can be arranged (there is a minimum payment of £40). There is a minimum term of two months.  Membership shall not commence until the fee has been paid and is renewable at the discretion of the College.

11. Applications should be submitted to the Senior Tutor. The MCR Committee will organise an informal chat with the applicant, then nominating the applicant for membership.  A nomination can also be submitted by a Fellow of the College. Approval will then be sought from the Senior Tutor.

If you wish to apply to become an affiliated post-doctoral member of the Downing MCR please contact either the College’s Tutorial and Admissions Office or the MCR President for further information. You will need to be nominated by either a fellow of college or a current member of the MCR.

Please also view this introductory letter to MCR Affiliation for more information: PostDoc Introductory Letter 2017.