MCR Committee

The Downing MCR Committee 2020

Cam Healy
Course: MPhil in Industrial Systems, Manufacture, and Management // Role: My role is to act as a representative of the interests of the entire Downing MCR to the governing body of the college, as well as overseeing the MCR committee. // Favourite thing about Downing: Central Location, high-standard accommodation, incredibly diverse and welcoming student body. // Fun Fact: I once drove two hours to try a burger that had been recommended to me. I ended up eating four. It was worth it and I would do it again without hesitation.
May Hsim Lai
Vice President
Course: PhD in Materials Science and Metallurgy. // Role: My role is to support the MCR President in representing the views and concerns of the Downing MCR community to the college and to work with the committee in improving college experience. // Favourite thing about Downing: The friendly community and excellent location.
Jan Cross-Zamirski
Course: PhD Computational Neuroscience. // Role: Give everyone money. // Favourite thing about Downing: Slops chips. // Fun Fact: Winners win. Wimmers wim.
Ren Moon
Liaison Officer
Course: MPhil & PhD in Developmental Mechanisms
Laura Ryan
Communications Officer
Course: PhD in Molecular Neurogenetics // Role: I write the weekly newsletter, and generally keep the MCR up to date with what's happening in college, at the wider uni, and in the town! // Favourite thing about Downing: The paddock in summer
Tom Newton
Social Secretary
Course: PhD in Engineering // Role: I work with Livia and Rhea to organise social events to bring MCR members together, throughout the year - the events we organise range from special dinners, like Christmas Formal and Burn's Night, to chilled mid-week activities like quizzes, to Downing MCR's biggest annual event - the Miniball. We also want to make sure that Downing MCR members are able to explore as many colleges as possible, through organising formal swaps both here in Cambridge, and in Oxford. If you ever have any suggestions for social events you would like to see then don't hesitate to get in touch! // Favourite thing about Downing: MCR Cricket // Fun Fact: I have a striking resemblance to a painting from 1600, by Italian artist Guido Reni.
Rhea Parande
Social Secretary
Course: PhD in Medical Science (Oncology) // Role: I work with the other social secretaries to organize a wide variety of fun events such as themed parties, bar/pub crawls, quiz night, movie nights, etc. We are also in charge of organizing formal swaps with other colleges. Favourite thing about Downing: The amazing location, the food at formals, the lively MCR community
Livia Lisi-Vega
Social Secretary
Course: MRes + PhD in Cancer Biology. // Role: Alongside Rhea and Tom, I'm in charge of organising all sort of social events for MCR members while making sure that we cater for all.From formal swaps, to wine and cheese and movie nights. We are the people you should be asking if you want some privileged info regarding future events! Please drop us a line if you have any ideas related to the social side of the MCR that you would like to see implemented. // Favourite thing about Downing: I fell lin love with the community feel within the MCR! There's always someone up for a good chat. It also goes without mentioning how great Downing's location and accommodation is... PS: The food and formal menus are also amazing! // Fun Fact: Once I got super sunburnt and had to spend the rest of the summer with a yingyang tan line from swimsuit in my lower back.
Jake Longhorn
Welfare and Education Officer
Course: PhD in Criminological Research
Jess Eden
Welfare and Education Officer
Course: PhD in Biochemistry // Role: Jake, Molly and I are there as welfare officers to ensure every MCR member is happy and able to make the most of their time at Downing. We are here to listen and help with any personal issues students may be facing, as well as looking at more general ways to improve college life for our students. As Education officers, we also aim to maintain and enhance the high quality research our students are undertaking by running events such as the termly MCR Seminar Nights. // Favourite thing about Downing: FOOD
Molly Becker
Welfare and Education Officer
Course: PhD in American Literature // Role: Jess, Jake, and I aim to help everyone at Downing feel comfortable and supported within the College during their time here. We are available as listeners and advocates if an MCR member is having a difficult time personally or academically, and we will do our best to ensure that the MCR and Downing are inclusive and welcoming to all. In our roles as Education officers, we also hope to foster academic engagement and exchange within the MCR in order to take advantage of the breadth of disciplines and research topics brought together in the MRC community. // Favourite thing about Downing: I love Downing's open spaces, sitting on the paddock in the summer, and Burns Night. // Fun Fact: I have 1135 day streak on Duolingo
Caitlin Bones
Equal Opportunities Officer
Course: MPhil in Criminological Research // Role: I aim to ensure that the MCR is an inclusive, accepting and supportive environment for all graduate students and encourage everyone to be involved in the Downing Graduate Community. // Favourite thing about Downing: The MCR sofas are really comfortable and quiet to work (procrastinate) on during the day - plus there is always a friendly face around to grab slops with! // Fun Fact: I have no siblings or cousins as I was the first baby on both sides of my family for over 30 years - and there's be none since!
Maryam Al-Ammari
Women's Officer
Julia Cabanas
BME Officer
Emily Dunne
LGBTQ+ Officer
Course: MPhil in European andf Latin American and Literatures and Cultures. // Role: Promote LGBTQ+ inclusion. // Favourite thing about Downing: Bar
Mady Hazemi
International Officer
Course: PhD in Chemistry
Dhruv Nandamudi
International Officer
Course: PhD in Neuroscience // Role: As International officers, Maddy and I focus on serving and bringing together the large community of international postgrads in Downing. This includes everything from hosting regular cultural events and celebrations (such as Diwali and Chinese New Year, to name a few) as well as aiding students in the often difficult transition to life abroad in the UK. We are here to address any and all concerns, whether personal or academic, pertaining to life as an international — not to mention, plan and host events to bring everyone together! // Favourite thing about Downing: The most beautiful grounds of any Cambridge college, excellent food, and a vibrant community of scholars and friends! // Fun Fact: You can pronounce my name like "groove", but with a D ("droove")
Sam Lewin
Bar Secretary
Course: PhD in Maths // Role: bar admin // Favourite thing about Downing: bar
Sophie Sakol
Bar and Amenities Officer
Course: Primary PGCE // Role: Bar staff. // Favourite thing about Downing: bar
Jianqiao Kou
Bar and Amenities Officer
Course: PhD in physical geography // Role: Bar staff. // Favourite thing about Downing: bar
Fleur Nash
Environmental Officer
Course: PhD in conservation // Role: My role is to make Downing as environmentally friendly as possisble - brining together the students with the college staff to work towards keeping Downing beautiful as well as reducing our impact on the local and global environment. I would love to hear from you if you have any ideas or thoughts you want to share. // Favourite thing about Downing: Unsurprisingly Downing's plant and wildlife are my favourite things about the college. It is like a mini oasis within the city of birds, hedghogs and hundreds of flower and tree species. I feel that Downing's openess of its grounds reflects the college culture - down to earth and welcoming to all. // Fun Fact: I like to hug trees.
Darius Hung
Sports and Games Officer
Course: PhD in Physics. // Favourite thing about Downing: Friendly and welcoming MCR, best college location and beautiful college grounds. // Fun Fact: Got stranded on a farm once and had to camp there for almost 3 days. Nearly ran out of food, but was saved by a guy on a tractor. I can also move my ears.